Kids Uni 2021

Film Presentation: The journey to planet Zarg


In June, the artists from Maternal Fantasies visited the Floating Kidsuni and together with some students they developed the story of THE JOURNEY TO PLANET ZARG. Now the film is finished and will be presented as part of the Climate Care Festival (September 3rd – 12th 2021).

Public film presentation:
A film by Maternal Fantasies and students from Floating Kidsuni
September Tue 7th 2021 at 7 pm at Floating University

Please note the Corona rules: You either need a negative test from the same day, or proof of vaccination or recovery. Please bring your MNM.


Since June we are trying to find out more about the toxic and non-toxic substances in water and in the earth in frame of the project FloatingWEB (WaterEarthBiodiversity). We also want to explore and present ways in which we can improve the water and the soil. And you can take part! Bring your parents with you:

September Sa 4th  2021, 12 – 5 pm, for families
Hot compost workshop: THE LAND NEEDS NEW EARTH
Workshop with Martina Kolarek (biochemist and soil scientist in Nachbarschaftsgarten Kreuzberg, Züllichauer / Golßener Str. 1

Together we build up a hot compost and you can watch how it heats up solely through the activity of the soil organisms and converts into soil in a very short time.


September Sa 25th 2021, 1 – 4 pm, for families
Workshop with Martina Kolarek at the Floating University

We take a very close look at the ground: what are the animals doing there and what is the result? Rummaging, microscoping and discovering what soil is made off!



We finally have a high seat in the Floating University! Alina Biriukova and Olya Korsun designed and built it, but it’s not quite finished yet. Therefore we need your help and Alina and Olya invite you to build and weave together in the workshop CAMO HUT CLUB. We’re building ladders and gathering materials at the Floating University to weave the walls of the hut. We are also making our own camouflage costumes so we can remain invisible while observing on our CAMO HUT.

Alina Biriukova is a self-trained architect and has completed in 2020 M.Sc Program in MediaArchitecture at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. At the moment, she is a guest student at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, in the class “Space and Installation”, and keeps drawing the line on the topic of working with spaces of a humble scale, furniture and sound design. Olya Korsun  is  a  researcher and  visual artist, whose practice varies from publishing, to photography, animation and filmmaking . In her works Olya focuses on the exploration and re-articulation of the relationships between human and nature, both ‘cultured’ and ‘wild’, trying to find the ways of overcoming the existing gap between those two.

Fr 17. September 16 – 19 Uhr, Sa 18. September + So 19. September 12 – 18 Uhr
Ab 8 Jahren

Under the ground

Do you want to develop a performance in one of the most exciting places in Berlin? The Floating University, a place for experiments between art and ecology, offers you this possibility in the rainwater retention basin of the Tempelhofer Feld. Together with the performance artist Eva Meyer-Keller, who has been working in the field of natural sciences for a number of years, you research the topics of earth and darkness. We look at how things and beings change, grow and decay in the dark layers below the earth. We look for connections to our being. What is under our surface? What does the dark produce in hidden desires and beings, in change and beauty? With different means we will get to the bottom of the ground, mud and water together, make artistic and scientific experiments with light and projections and look for stories about life between light and shadow.

Who can participate?
All between 13 – 15
We speak english and german

When does this happen?
Workshop September Su 26th 2021
13 – 17 Uhr
Presentation: October Sa 9th + Su 10th 2021

Stadt der Zukunft


In the “Future Cities” exchange project by Trickmisch in cooperation with the Floating University, two school classes are invited to work on the subject of water and how we could integrate this valuable ressource in our daily life in the future. We introduce the topic “City of the Future” and talk about how important water is for our life in the city. Together we explore the experimental laboratory in the rainwater retention basin of the Tempelhofer Feld. The observations and experiences in the pool inspire the students to tell their stories about the future. They draw, animate and create sound for their films.

Within a three (Karlsgarten School) and four (Hans-Fallada-School) days, 13 films are made that deal with the subject of the Future Cities. Have fun watching!

On August 23, we presented all thirteen films that were made as part of our exchange project in Urban Forest at the Floating University.