KidsUni Projects 2021


Joshua Rutter

Under the Ground

Eva Meyer-Keller


Lea Martini

Fantasy Journey to Zarg

Maternal Fantasies


Felicity Mangan

Rote Robinie

Inci Güler

KidsUni Collaborations 2021

Stadt der Zukunft

Kooperation mit Trickmisch

Camo Hut Club

Kooperation mit Free Radicals

More cooperations with
Kinderkulturmonat: Besuch von drei Schulklassen im Programm “Schulparcours”
FloatingWEB – Water, Earth, Biodiversity: Workshop “I see I see what you don’t” and “Water-Analysis”

Floating Kids Manifest 2021

join forces
Workshop with Nicole Schuck (artist)

We stroll around and observe animals in their “floating living room”. We imagine ourselves to be one of these animals, for example a fox. What is it like to live as a fox in the Floating University? We record our experiences in experimental drawings and storytelling with each other.

Floating Climbing
Workshop with Thomas Meier, Benjamin Frick and Sabine Zahn

Who lives on the upper floors of the Floating? And how do we get there? With climbing professionals, the highest points were climbed: Flaoting was seen newly and new was seen from above.
Images by Constanze Flamme


Hidden Tracks
Workshop with Stefanie Argow

For another time Stefanie Argow visited Floating mud ground and tracked the prints of old and new Floating residents.


Finding the Sandworm
Workshop with Constanze Flamme (photographer)

Using different cameras and other methods, the UniKids got up very, very close to the creatures in the Floating University!

All images were taken by the participants of the workshop


Floating Harps
Workshop with Simon Bauer and Hans Unstern

The musicians Hans Unstern and Simon Bauer and participants have built huge harps in the Floating buildings and enriched already various events with phantasic music.


CATAPULT anti-pollution riot 
Workshop with Maddalena Pornaro and Benjamin Frick (architects)

Seed bombs were rolled, different catapults were built, and seeds were hurled into the far corners of Floating University.

In Kooperation mit der Jugendkunstschule Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg FRIX / In cooperation with young art school Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg FRIX
Das Projekt "Floating Kids Manifest" wurde gefördert von / The project "Floating Kids Manifest" was funded by