Climate Care:
Theory and Practice on a Natureculture Learning Site

Curated by Gilly Karjevsky & Rosario Talevi

Climate Care is a festival engaged with theory and practice at the intersection of climate challenges, ethics of care and environmental humanities. Emerging from weathering the conditions of its site, the program is a result of in-depth cohabitation with the constructed water infrastructure, its human culture and its multispecies overlays. 

This non-natural-natural site is diverse, complex and evocative, and acting as its custodians brings many questions the festival hope to address: How do we hold space and sites for the complexity of our moment? How do we seek, create, and implement planetary alliances on a locally complex site?

The Rewilding
Years (2021)

A Curriculum for
Urban Practice (2019)

Climate Care: Digital Archive 

Screenshot of the Digital Archive

Following the conclusion of the 2019 festival, this online repository archives the activities that inhabited the basin through images, videos and text documentation: from hot-compost-making, experimenting with bio-materials, the baking of urban hives, weather writing or “tuning-in” methods, reading aloud and looking at care on a planetary scale.

The archive was conceptualised by ATLAS/STUDIO (Lucía Alonso & Ernesto Bauer) and programmed by Lucas Pose, with graphic design by Roman Karrer.

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