(Re-)Gaining Ecological Futures

Curated by Berit Fischer

A week-long series of affective encounters and collective engagements. How can we learn from the natural world, how to create new synthesis in our technocratic times for a more inclusive and ‘cosmo-logical’ knowing? The week shares proposals to reflect and act on how we contribute to shaping ecological inter-relations and inter-actions and critically engages with the human-centred ontology and the dualism between nature and culture. (Re-)Gaining Ecological Futures exercises and mobilises alternative imaginaries and sets of relations between multiple others in a mutually enforcing and regenerative way. It holistically connects transdisciplinary practices for the making of empowered and empowering social and more-than-human subjects.

This is an event by invitation and registration only. 

Find more information in the program in which you’ll also find the respective emails for registrations. Please be aware that numbers of participants are limited and will work on first come first serve basis.


With: Avtonomi Akadimia Athens, Andreas Bolz, Manuela Bosch, Die Boden Schafft (Martina Kolarek), Shelley Etkin, Giuliana Kiersz, Brandon LaBelle, Erika Mayr, Pallavi Paul, Carla Schulte-Fischedick (LaKunaBi), Sharon Stewart, Lin Wang

Share Your Quiet (2021)

by Pallavi Paul  

Curator: Berit Fischer

Programme Assistants: Pia Groleger, Hannah Lu Verse, Andreas Bolz

Photography: Lorène Blanche Goesele

Videography: Claude Gerber

Web Design: Roman Karrer

Production: Felix Wierschbitzki, Maddalena Pornaro, Serena Abbondanza, Johan Kirsimäe, Benjamin Frick

Spatial Experiments: Felix Wierschbitzki, Florian Stirnemann, Jeanne Astrup-Chauvaux, Katherine Ball, Lorenz Kuschnig, Stefan Klopfer

Construction Management: Felix Wierschbitzki, Lorenz Kuschnig

Building Team: Ariel Curtelin, Benjamin Frick, Ester Bonneau, Florian Kurzenberger, Jan Schlake, Jan Theiler, Jeanne Astrup-Chauvaux, Johan Kirsimäe, Jonas Johnke, Katherine Ball, Maddalena Pornaro, Maxi Schneider, Moritz Wermelskirch, Samuel Boche, Serena Abbondanza, Stefan Klopfer

Volunteers: Alice, Alina, Anne, Begs, Caroline, Elias, Garance, Helene, Jade, Katie, Lenny, Liva, Lorenz, Lotti, Luca, Ludwig, Magda, Matea, Matheu, Mathilda, Max, Paula, Rose, Sunniva, Timo, Vilma and Deneb, Gribouille, Lilith, Lumi

(Re-)Gaining Ecological Futures is funded by