A Fantasy Journey to the Planet Zarg

with Maternal Fantasies


For a mini residency at the Floating University in June 2021, the Maternal Fantasies collective explored the element of water as a transient medium that flows through and connects all growing life; as the common denominator of all that breathes and breeds; and as a breeding and testing ground for new species and new modes of interconnectivity. Collaborating with children of all ages, this short film captures the artistic process of intergenerational intervention.It was presented at the CLIMATE CARE FESTIVAL in September 2021.
Maternal Fantasies is an interdisciplinary collective of international artists and cultural producers based in Berlin. They shape the discourse on motherhood and the politics of care through collective artistic processes. While exploring the potential of contemporary intersectional eco-feminist positions, they open their work process for children to participate in.

Film Stills by Maternal Fantasies. Watch the short fim “Fantasy Journey to Planet Zarg” here