Spatial Experiments

The space group is composed of members with diverse backgrounds who are catalysts for the visions of the association. In summer 2020, after a series of workshops that collected spatial desires from association members, a “space task force” worked towards translating these wishes, as well as maintaining the existing infrastructure of the basin. In its design, the space group tried to take all relationships within the basin into account – talking with association members, observing trees and polluted water levels, discussing with political actors as well as neighbours, kids, grown-ups or nesting birds.

The (extended) space group is Jeanne Astrup-Chauvaux, Serena Abbondanza, Benjamin Frick, Johan Kirsimäe, Stefan Klopfer, Lorenz Kuschnig, Antonia Schlaich, Florian Stirnemann and Felix Wierschbitzki

Thanks to our partner Tisch Gerüstbau.