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Witches, Rituals, and Healing (performative evening)
With Coven Berlin, Zoë Claire Miller und Lauryn Youden

Saturday, 18.6.2022
18:00 – 24:00 

Silvia Federici locates the origins of the word gossip as meaning “the spiritual association with ‘kin'” and describes how close communities of women have traditionally been a source of strength. The pejorative understanding of gossip is a strategy that accompanied and contributed to the deterioration of women’s social status: Already in the 16th century, the accusation of being a gossip (read: a witch!) became a reason for the persecution and punishment of women. At that time, gossip went from being a word of friendship and affection to a word of denigration and ridicule. How can we return gossip to its roots today or use it as a strategy to transform exclusion into community, alliance and friendship? 

The work of Coven Berlin, Zoë Claire Miller and Lauryn Youden, feeds off an understanding of gossip as the solidarity that implies & generates (female) friendship. gossip is here an (ancient) form of female knowledge production, the multi-part performative evening Witches, Rituals, and Healing explores gossip as a shared ritual.

A reading with Lauryn Youden at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm

The number of participants is limited.
Please register with your preferred time at:

Witches, Rituals, and Healing is the second of five parts of the series The Devil’s Radio, curated by Anja Lückenkemper and Sandra Teitge. Further Infos at:

06.05 – 06.06.2021
Terrestrial Assemblage

In the age of geo-social issues, where climate, inequality and migration are interrelated and humanity threatens to become homeless, facing a potentially uninhabitable earth in the future, paradoxically more and more enclosed and demarcated territories are emerging worldwide. As on the Korean peninsula, divided by a militarised border for over 70 years, all over the world, even after the Cold War, areas are separated, marked out and fenced off.

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Sound Event

Firefly stellt sich der Frage, wie musikalische Projekte der Natur aus aktueller Sicht begegnen können – denn trotz Corona-Pandemie bleiben Klimawandel und ein stabiles Ökosystem dringliche Themen. Klanginstallationen, Konzerte experimenteller, elektronischer Musik und ein Gartenradio erkunden auf dem außergewöhnlichen Regenbeckengelände des ehemaligen Flughafens Tempelhof perspektivische Experimente zwischen Kunst, Klang und Natur. Sowohl live an der Floating University als auch online über Datscha Radio verfolgt das Programm Lebensweisen der Tier- und Pflanzenwelt sowie Spuren an vergessenen Orten.

Guidelines for cooperations

Applications for 2022 are open. Thank you for your ideas and see you at the Floating University!

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Activities should be attuned to the following guidelines: 

  • Activities should be in tune with the Floating University spirit and values – a place to learn to engage, to embrace the complexity and navigate the entanglements of the world, to imagine and create different forms of living. It should not be just rented as an event venue, a wedding hall, a backdrop scenario or for solely commercial purposes.
  • Participation from others in the proposed activities – associ- ation members and general public – is encouraged so that a mixture of people and a transfer of knowledge happens. The site runs with an “open door policy” and the idea that activities can co-inhabit the basin.
  • Activities bring in content but also expand the network. We are interested in the production of knowledge and in forming long-lasting bonds with people and organisations.
  • Activities should be able to navigate the site and run their programmes rather independently – with our support, but not expecting the association to deliver a role of “service providers”.
  • Activities should be communicated in consultation with the Floating e.V as well as the use of any images of the Floating site.
  • Floating University is not supposed to be used for marketing campaigns and as an image for advertisement. Funders and other cooperation partners should be informed about it 5. beforehand.
  • Activities should respect the nature of the site: a fragile eco- system where diverse species co-exist. In the basin you can find anything from foxes to bees, ducks, algae and some- 6. times humans. We are surrounded by a Gartenkolonie, a community of small gardens which is an Erholungsort (a place for rest and restoration in nature).

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