Kids Uni 2020

Floating Kids Manifesto

Floating Kids Manifest

The foundation for this manifesto emerged in the fall of 2020 through the collaboration between artists and children in various workshops at the Floating University. Practitioners came and suggested forms of work, materials, or themes within the framework of the Floating Kids Uni, and then the children transformed them, often making proposals. Negotiations took place in the midst of the action. Sometimes sentences were free flowing, sometimes adults translated the doing into sentences, and sometimes children planted sentences in the Floating. Ten Sentences were compiled from all of this and translated by Ute Lindenbeck, Sophia Tabatadze and Sabine Zahn. The three of us take the liberty of speaking a language for the children, because the WE we are talking about here are the children. The manifesto is supposed to be a bridge, a tunnel, a morse code or a portal. It tries to communicate something of what otherwise remains not only invisible, unnamed, and misunderstood, but above all, unused. As Floating Kids Uni, we believe that the kids’ way of acting can move us all forward. Behind every sentence there is an experience and situation that has made us realise something new about this. The manifesto is therefore a call for the Floating Association and its programming on a small scale, and also for the relationship between art, society and action on a large scale to make the effort to invent formats of action WITH children, not just for them. Maybe then, someday, there will be no need for Floating Kids Uni. Ahoi!

The project Floating Kids Manifesto is funded by Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung