Follow the concrete path through the trees or step down the scaffolding staircase that brings you two stories below street level, and the Learnscapes of the Floating unfold in front of you. Learnscapes is what we entitle the floating landscape of knowledge production, of knowing and being and processes of un-, re-, and co-learning, of working and thinking collectively within the site of the rainwater retention basin in Berlin Kreuzberg. 

Here we learn from our presence inside an engineered infrastructure, where toxic rainwater, mud, algae, reeds, frogs, birds and foxes create a unique ecosystem. Here we encourage non-disciplinary learning formats and radical, experimental approaches in dialogue with the complexity of our surroundings. Floating University offers a broad variety of public programs exploring the urban territory including questions of climate responsibility, urban practice and spatial literacy as well as creating a base on which we can learn how to embrace, engage with and navigate the complex entanglements of urbanity, while imagining and creating different forms of living together as humans and with more than human entities. 

In 2021, the Floating Learnscapes programme extends these ongoings through two extra academic perspectives: Free Radicals and Academic Beach Resort.

In 2022 collaborations continue and build up on the existing network of academic partners engaged with the Floating University

On 22.-23. September 2022, the Learnpeaks symposium will gather all collaborators from the past years to discuss topics of extra-ordinary learning environments. Stay tuned ! 



Learn Peaks Symposium


Learnscapes is Jeanne Astrup-Chauvaux, Markus Bader, Sarah Bovelett, Benjamin Förster-Baldenius, Kristin Laz, Antonia Schlaich (2021) and Raul Walch.