Staying Afloat!

As a non-profit and independent organisation, we rely on a wide array of public sector endowments to fund both our basic infrastructure and our programs. Although we have worked hard to raise the necessary funds in 2024, our funding efforts and financial support have proven to be insufficient to run Floating as we have been doing in the past years. 

Since 2018, we’ve strived to open, design, maintain, and take care of this unique site while bringing non-disciplinary, radical, and collaborative programs to the public. We’ve built Floating as a growing community platform to host and welcome many, including university students, schoolchildren, theorists and practitioners, artists and scientists, neighbours of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, inhabitants of Berlin, and the broader international public.

In its only six years of existence, Floating University has welcomed more than 50,000 visitors. It has collaborated with over 80 universities worldwide, developed programs with 25 schools in different districts, cooperated with institutions, curated and hosted more than 120 events annually, all under the broad theme of reimagining life in contemporary urban spaces and people’s relationships with the city and nature.

Floating has gained significant recognition as a pioneering organisation in the field of architecture and urban design, having been honoured with two of Europe’s most prestigious awards. In 2021, Floating received the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale, and in 2024, it was shortlisted for the EUmies Award, one of the two pillars of European architectural policy.

In 2023, Floating was also celebrated with the New European Bauhaus Prize. This award not only acknowledges its architectural excellence but also highlights its innovative role as an experimental educational campus that explores the relationships between people, cities, and the more-than-human world.

In January, after an extensive collaborative effort spanning over a year, we signed a Letter of Intent with the Senate Department for Urban Development, Building and Housing and Tempelhof Projekt GmbH (our landlord). This letter marks a pivotal step towards a cooperative transformation of the rainwater retention basin into a hybrid infrastructure dedicated to sustainable rainwater management. It also stands as a testament to Floating e.V.’s continuous dedication to the site and fortifies our position in its long-term transformation. 

Yet, we got the mandate, but not the means! 

Through this campaign, we aim to make our struggle visible and secure funding to keep this unique site open to the public and remunerate the workforce that has been doing Floating University since 2018. 

Please support us in affirming the crucial role of Floating University as a model project for public-civic partnerships in urban transformation, both locally in Berlin and across Europe. 


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