Symposium on the art of transformation

January 2022

We know that we have to fundamentally change our way of life in order to survive on this planet. But there is a gap between knowledge and action. How can the necessary transformation process get inspired? For almost 250 years (1603 to 1868), Japan operated almost exclusively on the basis of solar energy and without any supply of external resources. Despite a relatively high population density, it was possible to expand forest areas and increase soil yields. There was also a vibrant development of art and culture during this period. Much of what is considered typically Japanese today has its origins in the acute crisis: tatami, kimono, paper walls, even sushi were derived from the need to conserve resources and save energy. While today’s debates on ecological transformation are often conducted in categories of renunciation and asceticism, even in the field of art, we see here exciting examples of aesthetic and cultural innovation.

Starting from the historical model of the Japanese Edo period, the symposium seeks to provide spaces for the contemplation and design of our shared future, in lectures, panels, art interventions, and informal conversations during food breaks. 

It will take place at the Goethe-Institut Tokyo and the Akademie der Künste Berlin (at Hanseatenweg 10) simultaneously as a face-to-face event and the audio will be broadcasted also live on the internet – in Japanese, German and English. There will be tea and soup, footbaths and artistic live acts.

With: Nicholas Bussmann, Azby Brown, Michaela Christ, dot architects, eat&art taro, Fritz Frenkler, Ulrike Herrmann, Daigo Kosakai, Sampo Inc, Matthias Schmelzer, Yuko Tanaka, Bastian Reiber, Andres Veiel, Nagara Wada, and others

More information on the program and registration modalities soon:
8th of January 2022 
Goethe-Institut Tokyo: 4:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
Akademie der Künste: 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.



The respective legal Covid 19 prevention rules apply.
(please enquire at registration)





dot architects、eat&arttaro、フリッツ・フレンクラー、ウルリケ・ヘルマン、
小酒井大悟、Sampo Inc.、マティアス・シュメルツァー、田中優子、バスティアン・ライバー、アンドレス・ファイエル、和田ながら、他多数。

フローティング・ユニヴァーシティ、ゲーテ・インスティトゥート東京、ベルリン・シャウビューネ劇場、ベルリン芸術アカデミー、KYOTO EXPERIMENTによる共同シンポジウム


詳細・申込: (近日中に開設します)


・ゲーテ・インスティトゥート東京:16:00~23:00 (JST)
・ベルリン芸術アカデミー:8:00~15:00 (MEZ)







ORGANISED BY: Benjamin Foerster Baldenius, Aljoscha Begrich, Christian Tschirner, Makiko Yamaguchi, Elisa Leroy, Keiko Kodaka
A Symposium in cooperation with Floating University, Goethe-Institut Tokyo, Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz, Akademie der Künste, KYOTO EXPERIMENT. With the support of the Japan Foundation and Hauptstadtkulturfonds