Interspecies Living Archive

This archive documented the transformation processes of the project in 2022. This phase was about reflecting and archiving the collected artefacts and stories.

The rainwater retention basin as a technical infrastructure was created in the course of the construction of Tempelhof Airport. Over the years, an ecosystem of significant importance for the urban climate and biodiversity in the urban space was created. In recent years, a significant reed bed has developed on the west side of the basin, providing shelter for many bird, insect and amphibian species, many of which are on the Red List of protected species. Furthermore, the reed belt helps to filter the street wastewater before it is discharged into the Landwehr Canal.

It is precisely this reed belt that will be destroyed in the course of cleaning the basin. As a result, the water drains away almost completely. This has consequences for nature and the city climate. We have and would like to transfer this into an archiving process on site using various methods and to sift, sort and process existing documentation.