Flourishing Biodiversity

A workshop in two parts

21. and 25. May

Flourishing Biodiversity is a workshop in two parts that invites an affective change in perspective on biodiversity. On a very practical side it offers hands-on knowledge and action in how to make a hot compost. Hot composting creates the conditions for the flourishing of biodiversity and hence for life. Moreover, Flourishing Biodiversity invites to experimentally and holistically activate the nurturing and healing potencies that hot composting offers and to tune into our multi species co-existence.

DAY 1: 21 May 2 – 6 pm

On the first day, we will build a hot compost together and you can observe how in no time and solely through the activity of the soil organisms, it heats up and transforms into fertile humus. In the run-up we have collected a cubic metre of garden and kitchen scraps at the Floating University, that we will use to prepare a feast for the soil creatures around the rainwater retention basin. Martina Kolarek (DIE BODEN SCHAFFT) combines traditional compost-making techniques with the latest scientific findings to revitalise urban soils and increase biodiversity in the city.

DIE BODEN SCHAFFT is an initiative for a new soil science and culture in Berlin, founded by Martina Kolarek, a biochemist, soil scientist and terrestrial artist in Berlin. Since 2011 she creates new soils together with community gardens, solidary agricultures, cultural and political movements. In 2018 she published her book Kompostieren!, a scientifically sound and richly illustrated guide to soil regeneration for a shared future.

Please bring a pair of garden gloves and a bottle of drinking water. We strongly recommend not to wear your fanciest clothes and shoes.

Registration: office@die-boden-schafft.de


DAY 2: 25 May 3-6pm

On the second day, we will experiment to create an inclusive and sensual awareness for our fellow microorganisms that by then will have multiplied in the then hot compost. As a playful awareness experiment it is an invitation to re-awaken our innate sensing nature, and to move from a human-centred to more earth­-bound mindfulness. Berit Fischer (Radical Empathy Lab) will guide through this trans-species encounter to generate presence and awareness. The methods draw e.g. on experimental composers Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening, radical and feminist pedagogies.

Berit Fischer (PhD) is an artist, curator, writer, and scholar. In 2016 she founded the Radical Empathy Lab, a nomadic social and ecological research laboratory for alternative knowledge formation. The lab seeks the reconnection to the sensing and knowing body, the sensual and experiential for activating critical consciousness, interconnectedness and to sharpen the senses for an “active micropolitics”.

Please come in comfortable clothes and bring a mat or blanket to sit on in the field.

Registration: artcontent@gmail.com

All bodies, cultures and education are welcome. In case of heavy rain, the workshop will be postponed. The workshop sessions can also be attended independently. Limited number of participants; first come first serve. Free of charge. In English language. COVID-19: For everyone to feel comfortable, we kindly ask you to bring an official negative test result from the same day, proof of vaccination (2x) or recovery.