Since its foundation in 2018, Floating University Berlin’s programs and processes have been narrated and communicated through a myriad of materials, produced by countless various actors. Much of these materials are still present while some survived only in fragments, some have been lost or existed only for a moment. Every text, every picture, every email and every gesture can be seen as an archeological artefact, composing a layer in Floating’s geology. The Repository intends to be an incomplete and polyphonic inventory, a nexus or a library, which allows us and others to have a better sense of what the Floating is doing through the traces it produces.

We try as best as we can to contextualise the fragments and credit the author(s). For some media, we have not been able to locate the author(s). If there is anything you would like to complete or if you would like to ask us to adjust or to remove something, please get in touch. If you have something that belongs here, please also feel free to contact us.