anarchy garden

30 + 31.05 2024

image: @jadedreyfuss and @lepoetelune

“celebration, rituals, gathering, inter-species, dinner, compost, frogs, cadavre-exquis, symbiosis, costumes, make-up, pluie, chaotic jam, seeing mushrooms, basin, arroser, telepathic walks, weird dance, solar punk…”

anarchy garden is a poem found at the bottom of a bramble garden. anarchy garden is a song whispered by the little ones on a rainy day. it teems and shelters, sneaks in, hides or denounces. it’s a source of magic. in collaboration with the floating university garden and its inhabitants, we invite you to bring your stories and creative processes into the collective to connect and celebrate. anarchy garden is meant to be chaotic and alive, so everyone is called upon and welcome to participate in making this event happen: to share knowledge, to initiate a jam session, to propose a performance, an installation, an atelier, a walk, a dance, to read a poem, to tell a story, to cook good food + infinite, or to be a silent observer.

30th, the core & the seeds from 11 am
For those who want to meet and create a core team, be part of the (des)organisation, start thinking about an installation, atelier or performance… either meditate within the space, bring ideas & prepare the space together for the big day. you’re invited to join us in the afternoon.

31st, anarchy garden meeting from 2pm until dusk.
the happening day is open to the public. you’re invited to join in, bring friends, creative tools, instruments, costumes + infinity.

Organisation and contact @jadedreyfuss and @lepoetelune