Andalusi Watergames

For eight centuries, much of Spain was a Muslim country. Many features of that time still survive in modern Spain. Among them, the costume of hygiene and constant bathing, together with all water related technologies: irrigation, gardening, reflections, water follies and other ways of managing the scarcity of water proper of oasis and dessert life.Within the framework of the Floating University, the Spanish collective Basurama and German-Spanish ALAS architects worked together for ten days in a participatory workshop for the collective conception and construction of a series of Arabic-inspired water games. The installation was arranged around a water circuit and a set of pools within the Tempelhofer rainwater basin. Different gadgets, games and cascades where gradually built and plugged into the cirquit by the participants in a “bath and build” basis.

Project made by the Spanish collective Basurama and German-Spanish architects ALAS. The group worked on the Andalusi Water Games.