Free Radicals

Free Radicals is especially directed towards teacher-less, self-organized student groups, willing to follow their own interests and ready to research outside the walls of their own institution during Spring and Summer 2021. Through our Open Call we found groups willing to carry out interdisciplinary practices or researches, and to engage with pressing matters of our times: notions of ecologies, humanities, experimental life forms, political and social engagement as well as care for ourselves and our surroundings. 

The projects range from one day long interventions to half a year durational contemplations and activations, weekly protocols, imagined rituals or collective building actions in the mud. They all respect the site, all its inhabitants (such as birds, bees, trees, algaes, frogs, other students, foxes, etc.), its neighbours, and have the potential to compose with other activities performed simultaneously.

Free Radicals 2021

  • Arbeitsraum (working title)
  • Black Art Action Berlin
  • Club de Brigde
  • co.lab
  • co-re (contextual research)
  • Common Ground
  • Eine Krise bekommen
  • KA1028
  • Kritisches Kuratieren – Kleine Humboldt Galerie
  • Klasse Klima
  • memeclassworldwide
  • Panta Rhei Collaborative
  • Parallax Lab
  • SpätiSpäti
  • tavolo normale
  • The Camo Hut Club
  • TMC (Transcultural Mensa Collective)